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Atlanta University (AU)


School of Social Work

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Dr. Amos Ajo


The overall objective of this study was to determine the psychological effects of being homeless on children living in an emergency night shelter versus homeless children residing in a transitional facility on the variables anxiety and self-concept. A casual-comparative research design was used in the study. A self-administered questionnaire was given to children residing in a night shelter and children living in a transitional facility. Samples used in this study were 22 children from Shelter A and 18 children in transitional facility. The t-test was used to analyze the data.

The findings of the study revealed that there is no significant difference in regard to the variables anxiety and self-concept between homeless children residing in a night shelter versus those residing in a transitional facility. The similarity of the services provided for the children by the emergency night shelter and the transitional facility account for the outcome.

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Social Work Commons