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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


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Dr. Sandra J. Foster


This evaluation examines the effectiveness of the Thinking for a Change Program on reducing recidivism among African-American juveniles. Thinking for a Change is a program that teaches cognitive restructuring, social skill interventions, and problem solving techniques. The sample consisted of 29 African-American male adolescent offenders who were released from a Youth Development Campus in Georgia prior to December 1, 2002. The evaluation attempted to decipher if participants of Thinking for a Change increased their social skills and problem-solving knowledge, obtained new criminal charges after completion of the program, or violated their conditions of probation after the program. The findings for the study do not support the hypothesis that Thinking for a Change is effective in reducing recidivism among African-American male offenders. Recommendations from this evaluation can be used to help those working with adolescents find more effective ways of intervening with offenders.

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