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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


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Dr. Georgene Bess Montgomery

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Dr. Charles Duncan

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Dr. Alma Vinyard


This study examines why it is that the title “Savior” has been reserved only for men,

when it is that women, too, deserve the title. After all, save is what women do. Because

of the Biblical and subsequent patriarchal paradigm, men only are attributed the title, but

what we fmd in certain texts is that women are saviors as well. It is through women’s

somewhat magical feminism that she is able to heal, make sacrifices, and save, even

when others are not aware it is necessary. The writer re-presents the notion of Savior

whereby Savior as Woman is constructed culturally with the women saving not only their

families, but the community at large. She has to step outside of herself and concern

herself with the well-being of others. Using the Savior as Woman theory is a viable

textual approach to literature that allows the women in the text to be seen in a more

flattering light and one that they deserve but have been deprived of for numerous reasons.

It is one that is viable and can help one get a deeper textual understanding.

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