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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


School of Social Work

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Professor Mamie Darlington, Ph.D.


This was a descriptive study of the discharge planning for "at risk" elderly patients at Grady Memorial Hospital. The researcher also examined variables associated with the discharge planning process. The variables were: 1) efforts of the medical social workers in discharge planning; and 2) presenting factors necessitating help for the "at-risk" elderly patients.

Findings revealed that 73% of the "at-risk" elderly patients had successful post-discharge continuing care placement. Thus, indicating that the medical social workers were also successful in their discharge planning efforts. Of the elderly patients placed, 17% needed twenty-four (24) hours skilled nursing care, versus 3% who needed intermediate (lower level) care. In addition, 76% of the "at-risk" elderly suffered from multiple medical problems. Eighty percent of the elderly patients had families who were unable to provide post-hospital care; 7% had families who were unwilling to provide post-hospital care, and 13% had no family to provide care. Only 1% of the "at-risk" elderly patients needed continuing care placement due to elder abuse. A significant number (53%) of elderly patients were found to have no impaired mental-functioning, many received medical insurance funding, 47% Medicare, 33% Medicaid, and 20% social supplemental income.

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Social Work Commons