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Atlanta University (AU)


School of Social Work

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Dr. Betty A. Cook


The purpose of this study was to examine feelings of loneliness experienced by aged blacks residing in institutional settings. The study attempted to discuss and analyze nine hypotheses in relation to the issue of loneliness. The aim of the research was to test the influence or relationship of significant factors mitigating a feeling of loneliness such as participation in social activities, religious activities, health status, life satisfaction, age, sex, marital status, a family support system and receipt of telephone calls.

The method used for gathering data consisted of an interview and questionnaire which were administered to forty-one males and females residing in Sadie G. Mays Nursing Home and the Imperial Health Care Center in Atlanta, Georgia. The questionnaire covered areas concerning loneliness, participation in social activities, life satisfaction, physical health and interpersonal relationships.

The overall findings of the study indicated that there was a direct relationship between loneliness and all of the independent variables under study. The results also indicated that a lack of activity involvement among elderly nursing home residents may contribute to loneliness and isolation.

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