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Atlanta University (AU)


School of Social Work

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Amos A. Ajo, Ph.D.


The overall purpose of this research was to evaluate the progress of the residents who were living in a group home for the mentally ill located in the Fulton County area of Atlanta, Georgia. The study focused on evaluating residents functioning in daily activities, the extent to which they function in the group home and perform routine assignments by the use of an Individual Progress Rating Scale. Scores were obtained from March 19, through April 15, 1990 and from December 17, 1990 through January 13, 1991. The composite scores were used for the analysis of the data. The ecological perspective addresses environmental problems and needs which can thwart functioning in group home residents. The single system research methodology was employed to evaluate how effectively residents' needs in functioning were met. The study has been to effect a heightened awareness of how intervention strategies, when appropriately employed, can help to improve functioning in group home residents according to goals and objectives of the agency. There were only three residents who remained in the group home studied for a period of nine months in satisfying the evaluation. There was a 94.5% improvement shown in residents' functioning during the December 17, 1990 to January 13, 1991 period.

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