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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


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Educational Leadership

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Dr. Trevor Turner

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Dr. Sheila Gregory

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Dr. Darrell Groves


This study examines the factors that led Xavier University from a small, struggling, regional entity to a national university. This growth did not take place until Norman C. Francis was appointed president in 1968. This study was based on the premise that from the time Xavier University was founded in 1915 until Norman C. Francis became president in 1968, the university relatively stagnant in terms of growth. A case study analysis approach was used to analyze data gathered on the growth of the university. Specifically, the following areas were examined: enrollment, endowment, physical plant, alumni advanced degree attainment, faculty quality, quality of students admitted and retained, and the condition of the university prior to the Francis administration. The researcher found that Xavier University has experienced significant growth in the areas examined. The conclusions drawn from the findings suggest that the leadership of Norman C. Francis was the catalyst that caused the positive changes in Xavier University found by the researcher.

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