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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)

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African and African-American Studies

First Advisor

Dr. Jacqueline Howard-Matthews


This study examined the factors that tend to lead to intentional single parenting of educated African-American and South African women.

The study was based on the premise that four factors were the dominating dynamics behind a woman’s decision to intentionally single parent.

A case study analysis approach was used to document data gathered from twelve women from America and South Africa. An interview scale and an interview grid were developed. The researcher found that the four factors were significant elements in determining intentional single parenting. These factors are l) the belief of an available mate shortage, 2) educational and financial attainment, 3) the age of a woman, and 4) the desire to mother.

The conclusion drawn from the findings suggest that one factor, educational and financial attainment, outweighed the others with the respondents and that each country selected a different factor that determined its decision toward intentional single parenting. The results of this study clearly identified a Stages-of-Development model for Intentional Single Parenting.

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