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Atlanta University (AU)

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Foreign Languages

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Professor Earle D. Clowney


Our main objective in this paper is to analyze the various interactions of the characters in Viejo of Maurice Casséus and Gouverneurs de la Rosée of Jacques Roumain. By so doing, we aim to determine the humanitarian concern of the two authors for the suffering masses in Haiti. If this goal is achieved, we will be able to show the philanthropic endeavours of Casseus and Roumain and the universality of their dreams.

The study consists of four chapters. The first is an introduction which deals briefly with the history of Haiti relevant to the two works. It also contains short biographical notes on Maurice Casseus and Jacques Roumain, stressing their political and literary commitments.

Chapters I and II are a study of the text of Viejo and Gouverneurs de la Rosée respectively. Each chapter gives a resume and an analysis of the story. The third chapter is a comparative study of the two novels. It examines the similarities and the differences between the reactions of the authors to a common human problem.

The conclusion is that the Haitian experience generally bears some resemblance to the political, social and economic situation in third-world countries, especially in Africa. Many writers of such countries share their humane concern, dreams and aspirations.