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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


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Dr. Gale Horton


The overall objective of this descriptive research was to show that there was no significant difference between the maternal attitude towards the unborn child in crack cocaine using and non-crack cocaine using mothers. The population was comprised of a total of 30 subjects, 15 crack cocaine users and 15 non-crack cocaine users, who were patients at Maternity and Infant Health in the Metropolitan Cleveland, Ohio area. The results revealed that there is statistical significance between the attitudes of crack cocaine using and non-crack cocaine using mothers. This statistical significance revealed that pregnant women that abuse crack cocaine during pregnancy have the same attitude towards their unborn child as pregnant women who do not abuse crack cocaine during pregnancy.

This study was an attempt to provide a clear understanding about crack cocaine addiction, the effects the addiction has on an unborn child and school age children and how pregnant women feel towards themselves and their unborn baby.

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