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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


School of Social Work

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Professor Naomi T. Ward


The overall objectives of this study were to present characteristics of burnout and to provide a descriptive of burnout in protective services. To attain these objectives the researcher addressed the level of stress among protective service workers in the following: (a) characteristics of burnout, (b) how it occurs, and (c) strategies for reduction.

A descriptive research design was used. A self administered questionnaire was given to male and female protective service workers at Talladega County Department of Human Resources, located in Talladega, Alabama. A population of eighteen responded.

The study was an attempt to provide a clear understanding of what burnout is, how and why it affects the protective service workers, and suggest ways to reduce burnout among protective service workers.

The study also attempted to add to information on decision-making and problem-solving regarding client related problems, and provide more information and an understanding of stress and coping to the social work profession.

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Social Work Commons