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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)

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Educational Leadership

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Dr. Ganga Persaud


As a result of low student achievement in a large school district in Georgia, the decision was made to implement a comprehensive school reform (CSR) model in each failing school so as to enhance the capability of teachers to increase student achievement. This study examined the extent to which student achievement was improved by a comprehensive school reform (CSR) model used in a large, independent school district in Georgia when controlling for selected school and teacher variables. A questionnaire was administered to 266 teachers at the schools that were implementing the CSR model. The dependent variable in the study was student achievement as measured by the extent to which a teacher rated the number of students who made gains as compared to where they started in reading and math skills and obtained an “A” or “B” grade. The major finding from the Pearson correlation analysis was that teacher experience was significantly related to thirteen independent variables in the study. The findings also suggest that experienced teachers with a record of three or more years of successful student outcomes should be used as teacher-leaders, model lead teachers, reading specialists and facilitators, math specialists and facilitators and in other roles as instructional support staff and should be allowed to conduct math, reading and classroom discipline professional development workshops for their local schools and for the school district.

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