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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


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Humanities Program

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Dr.Earle D. Clowney

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Dr. Mary Twining

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Dr. Josephine Bradley


This study researched the sociophilosophical and political evaluation of the French intelligentsi&s reasons for misinterpreting Joan of Arc!s story. George Bernard Shaw’s St. Joan, Andrй Obey’s La Fenкtre, and Jean Anouilh’s L ‘Alouette are the three playwrights and dramas about Joan of Arc that are studied in this work. Shaw is English with different values and beliefs from Obey and Anouilh, who are French with rational and national visions that influenced their work after Shaw’s Saint Joan became a success and earned him the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1925.
An analysis of some of their lifelong works was used to gather the reasons for this historical underestimation by the French intelligentsia who discriminated against Joan of Arc. The research found that the difference between the two schools of philosophy as revealed in these dramatists’ works, explains the humanist outcome of a five century old conflict between England and France.
The conclusions drawn from the findings show that Joan of Arc’s story appealed to these playwrights where values and philosophies affected the attitudes they demonstrated in their plays.

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