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This Doctor of Ministry project is a study of A Model for Empowering Rivertown United Methodist Church (UMC) to Address the Addiction of Alcohol in the church and the surrounding community. The purpose of this project is to demonstrate to Rivertown UMC and Rocky Head UMC how churches can reach out to the addicted community in order to assist the alcoholics with recovery from their addictions. This project will address the problems of alcohol addiction. The project includes members of Rivertown UMC, Rocky Head UMC and Rama Community Church of Palmetto, Georgia. The project was designed and implemented by the researcher. The project consisted of seven sessions of structured experiences at Rivertown UMC and three training sessions. Two of the training meetings were held at Brookhaven UMC located in Northeast Atlanta, Georgia, where Don Shannon leads three alcohol and drug recovery groups. All other meetings were conducted at Rivertown UMC. The study has shown that a transformed church can impact the alcohol addicted community in an important and potentially transforming manner. The results of the model were evaluated by qualitative analysis and have shown that the participants grew in positive self-image, self-confidence and self-worth. The Alcohol Recovery Project has provided a model of ministry that will continue to be active after the implementation and completion of this project.

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