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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


School of Social Work

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Joanne V. Rhone, Ph.D.


This study examines the influence of parenting practices on the behavior of African-American adolescents. The study was based on the belief that an increased level of parental involvement enhances the positive behavior of African-American adolescents.

Availability and purposive sampling was used to identify fifty African-American high school students to respond to a twenty-five item questionnaire regarding parent-child interaction. The fifty students consisted of thirty-two females and eighteen males. They ranged from fourteen to seventeen years of age. Survey research was used to examine the influence of parental involvement on their behavior. The participants were questioned about three categories; 1.) the limits set for them by their parents, 2.) how their parents monitored their behavior and activities, and 3.) peer influence.

The research found that the aforementioned parenting practices did not have as much influence on the behavior of the respondents as hypothesized. The findings of this study did not prove a strong nor weak relationship between the behavior of African-American adolescents and the influence of parental involvement. Therefore, the hypothesis was null.

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