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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


School of Social Work

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Social Work and Public Health

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Brandi Wilson

Second Advisor

Dr. Roslyn A. Harper-Arnold

Third Advisor

Dr. Vimala Pillari


There are different areas of research that receive a subsequent amount of support and advocacy such as child abuse. Studies on the prevalence of elder abuse have varied greatly. This study examines attitudes toward elder abuse within African American, Korean and Chinese cultures with respect to their caregiver’s background in Gwinnett County and DeKalb County, Georgia. A descriptive and exploratory research design was conducted in this study. The analysis indicated that there is no significant difference between African American caregivers’ attitudes and Non-African American caregivers’ attitudes (pt= -1.580) with a .05 level of probability. The study analyzed the target population and found that 53.1 of the participants are at least college graduates. A majority of the participants did not agree with the use of negative action toward elderly people that could be seen as elder abuse. Therefore, research indicated that education can be an indicator of a caregiver’s attitude toward elder abuse. This research developed insight into the current knowledge deficit among a cultural group’s perspectives, as well as the gap in research regarding the education of caregivers in relation to their infliction of elder abuse.

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