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Atlanta University (AU)

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Dr. Joseph B. Myers


Two groups of male New Zealand white rabbits weighing 2.5-3.9 kg were maintained on high and low sodium diets for a period of 3 weeks. Urine samples were collected daily during the 3-week period from each rabbit and analyzed for sodium and potassium concentrations. A control group of rabbits was also maintained over a 3-week period, with daily urine collections. Each rabbit was anesthesized with sodium pentobarbital (35 mg/kg) via the marginal ear vein. Following the loss of consciousness, the right external jugular vein was cannulated in order to induce volume expansion and depletion. The left common carotid artery was also cannulated in order to monitor arterial blood pressure during the volume expanded and depleted procedures.

Urine from rabbits on the high sodium diet contained high concentrations of potassium and sodium, whereas urine from rabbits on the low sodium diet had very low sodium and potassium levels as compared to control group readings. An elevated arterial blood pressure was observed in the high sodium rabbits and the low sodium rabbits had arterial blood pressures below control levels. Renin levels were slightly elevated during volume expansion in the high sodium rabbits but was significantly decreased in the low sodium and control groups. During volume depletion, renin levels were observed to decrease in the high sodium rabbits but increased significantly in the low sodium and control rabbits respectively.

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