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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)

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Educational Leadership

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Dr. Olivia Boggs


The purpose of this study was to investigate relationships and differences among the dependent variable of the intent to pursue a career in teaching and the independent variables of opportunities for career advancement, the perceived image of the teaching profession, financial resources available for initial teacher training, expected salary, incentives and benefits, ability to motivate, student discipline problems, and teacher competency tests.

Participants in this study (N=150) included high school students who attend different Georgia public schools, and college students who were within their first three years of study in Atlanta University Center schools. Data were secured using the Teaching Interest Survey, developed by the researcher.

The design used for this research was nonparametric statistics which included the use of descriptive statistics and Chi Square Contingency. The 0.05 level of significance was used to test the null hypothesis.

The major findings for this study were: (a) no significant relationship exists between the intent to pursue a career in teaching and the perceptions of the following: opportunities to advance, image of the teaching profession, expected salary, incentives and fringe benefits, ability to motivate students to learn, discipline problems, and teacher competency tests; (b) a significant relationship was found to exist between the intent to pursue a teaching career and available financial resources for initial training; (c) perceptions of the professional image of teaching were influenced by home town size; (d) the higher the level of education, the more positive the perception of teaching; and (e) perception of teaching as a profession is positively influenced when one has a favorite teacher.

The following recommendations were made: (a) early recruitment/intervention programs for young Black students should be incorporated in schools; (b) organizations should be reactivated or created for teacher recruitment; (c) additional resources for initial teacher training should be made available; (d) teachers and organizations should lobby legislators for salary increases; (e) partnerships should be created between school systems and colleges; and (f) a parent volunteer program should be incorporated in schools.

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