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Atlanta University (AU)


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Dr. Philip A. Bradley


This study emerged from the information/data gathered from an exploration of video-taping to improve teacher instructional strategies and also to improve discipline. Employed as a Curriculum Specialist, the writer proposed to improve teacher instructional strategies believing that such a study would result in a contribution toward more effective teaching, better student-teacher relationships and improved classroom behavior.

Video-taping to improve teacher instructional strategies has been researched by some educators. They have found it to be a great supervisory tool in the evaluation and refining process. Teachers are able to view their strengths and weaknesses and build on both. As noted by Good in his study, there is a direct correlation between various teacher instructional strategies, students’ time on task and the behavior they exhibit in the classroom setting. It is evident that teachers who create an environment where students are afforded the opportunity to utilize diverse learning, and the teacher uses positive reinforcers tend to be a place where teachers teach and students learn free of disruptive behaviors.

The targeted population consisted of five teachers who used video-taping as a means of improving their teaching techniques and for overall improvement in a classroom situation. The results of this study revealed that the disruptive behaviors cited prior to video-taping decreased remarkably after improving teacher strategies and utilizing more positive reinforcers. The remaining three weeks showed a definite decline in the number of referrals made to detention and the number of disruptive behaviors cited in the classes.

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