Alfonzo Reed

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Atlanta University (AU)


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Effects of sulfadiazine, sulfathiazole, and sulfapyridine on the thyroid gland and blood pressure were investigated in the rat. Thiouracil, a known potent anti-thyroid substance, was employed as a standard with which the drugs were compared.

Four groups of young male albino rats were injected with graded doses of thiouracil, sulfadiazine, sulfathiazole, and sulfapyridine, suspended in distilled water, over a '6-dsy period, respectively. A 0.027' solution of the drug was incorporated into the drinking water daily. A control group was injected with physiological saline and a 0.02" solution of the saline solution was incorporated into the drinking water.

Thiouracil and the sulfenamiaes acted as anti-thyroid agents.

Goiterous conditions developed, including thyroid hypertrophy, reduced food intake, as well as an increase in body weight concomitantly with reduced oxygen consumption and reduction in the level of iodinated compounds in the blood. A slight increase in the systolic blood pressure was also noted.

Results were obtained by means of spectrophotometry, oxygen consumption rates, blood pressure determinations, and gross analyses of the thyroid glands.

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