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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


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The Black community within the foster care system has received minimal empirical attention as it pertains to the impact of media intake, caregiver navigation and levels of self-perceptions. A quantitative, cross-sectional study was conducted to examine the correlations between these variables. The nonrandom snowball sampling method was used to recruit 18 Black women, who were eighteen years old or older and former foster youth, to participate in a self-administered online survey. The nonparametric test, Spearman's Rho, was chosen to analyze both research questions due to the sample size violating a Pearson's Correlation assumption. The relationship between media intake and levels of self-perceptions had a p value of .394, whereas, the relationship between caregiver navigation and levels of self-perceptions had a p value of .109. Therefore, the findings for research question one revealed that there were no correlations between levels of self-perceptions and media intake. Similarly, research question two identified no significant relationships among the levels of self-perceptions and caregiver navigation. This study highlights the importance for additional research, as Black foster care youth are an underserved population with many unidentified needs; this includes that of parental guidance to heighten self-perceptions and buffer the potentially negative impact of the media.

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