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Atlanta University (AU)

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The antigens of Trichomonas vaginal is grown jn Diamond 1 s medium modified by Klass were analyzed by gel diffusion methods. Three methods were employed in the extraction of the antigens. They were Genetron extract, Borate Buffer Saline extract, and alcohol extract. The alcohol extract was made up of four fractions (TF1 , TF2, TF3, TF4).

The antisera used as analytic agents were made in two rabbits obtained from the Center for Disease Control Breeding Colony. All the antigens were compared to show bands of identity, non-identity, and partial identity, and to determine the number of bands produced by each extract. Genetron extract antigen and Borate Buffer Saline extract antigen reacted strongly with the homologous antiserum made in rabbit 3 (R3), producing 4 bands each, while alcohol extract reacted minimally. Fractions TF1 and TF4 produced 3 bands each and fraction TFz and TF3 produced 2 bands each Two bands of precipitate were found to be common to all the antigens, suggesting the similarity of the antigens.

In rabbit 4 (R4), 3 bands were produced by each antigen and they were all identical, confirming the similarity of the antigens. Rabbit 3 antiserum reacted more strongly than rabbit 4, even though all the rabbits were inoculated on the same dates with the same number of live Trichomonas vaginalis antigens under the same conditions.

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