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Atlanta University (AU)

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Public Administration

First Advisor

Profesor Alex Danso


The intent of this degree paper is to describe and analyze problems of inefficiency in personnel administration in the Personnel Direction of the National Institute of Housing in Venezuela. The paper includes a general description of the National Institute of Housing, the actual structure and functions of the Personnel Direction as well as the functions of those divisions and departments attached to it. The study draws attention to those existent inefficiencies in personnel administration and authority distribution.

The study found that public employees at the National Institute of Housing are not regulated by the provisions of the Administrative Career Law designed as a guide for the Venezuelan public administration system. Consequently, Public employees are laid off every five years, employees are not selected on merit basis, employees are promoted through political patronage and personal alliances, and they are paid inadequately. Furthermore, the Personnel Direction lacks sufficient delegated authority in the administration of personnel.

The main sources of information were a combination of secondary sources and the writer's observation during his tenure as head of the department of classification and remuneration within the Personnel Direction.

Included in this study are proposed reforms in the above mentioned areas in an attempt to help create a better and more efficient public administration system. The suggested reforms address the inequities of the Personnel Direction and are proposed as corrective measures for the Personnel Direction's present ineffective policies in recruitment, selection, promotion, authority distribution, and call for the enforcement of the Administrative Career Law.