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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)

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This study examines the synthesis and biological importance of two transition metal complexes with ligands that show high antiproliferative potency to prostate cancer.Transitional metals have shown an important role in cancer therapy and research, where the use of transition metal complexes can treat several human diseases like carcinoma, and lymphomas, etc. By design, Dr. Bu's lab has created potent ligands (Imidazopyridine, IMP) that can effectively kill metastatic prostate cancer cell lines, which will serve as organic carrier or chelator of the transition metals.

A vanadium complex with a tridentate imidazopyridine and an iron complex with bidentate imidazopyridine have been developed. Their biological activities against prostate cancer cell line (PC3) have been evaluated. Results have shown that ligand 2, [(5Br-2MeO)IMP, L2], a bidentate imidazopyridine, is more potent in biological activity than ligand 1, [(5-Cl-2HO)IMP, (HL1)], a tridentate imidazopyridine. The metal complexes are found to greatly enhance the antiproliferative activity on PC3 prostate cancer cells compared to their corresponding ligands

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Chemistry Commons