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Oil spills are a universal threat impacting local, national and world communities alike. Bioremediation that is natural, efficient, economical and safe is the best solution for protecting the environment from oil related damages. In this study, motor oil degrading bacteria were isolated from oil-contaminated soil samples from a suburban Atlanta, Georgia community. Mineral salt broth containing 1 Ow-40 motor oil as the sole carbon source was used to isolate motor oil degrading bacteria.

Motor oil tolerant and metabolizing bacteria were identified using morphological and biochemical tests. Two bacterial isolates were then tested for their tolerance varying concentrations of diesel and kerosene oils for comparison with motor oil consumption. Observed results suggest that the isolated bacteria from oil contaminated soil possess abilities to metabolize motor oil, kerosene and diesel. Knowledge of the tolerance ranges of the isolated bacteria can indicate their potential to be of use in the remediation of terrestrial petroleum oil spills in a manner that is natural, economical, quick and efficient.

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