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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


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Hattie M. Mitchell, CSW


The purpose of this exploratory, descriptive study was to examine the perceptions of transracial adoption and African consciousness among African American and Caucasian students. Thirty graduate social work students who were in their second year or more in their studies responded.

The respondents were 26 females and four males whose age ranged from 23 to 52. A modified version of the African Self-Consciousness scale and a transracial adoption scale were used. The findings showed that the majority of the respondents felt that White transracially adoptive parents would transfer a high level of African Self-Consciousness to their Black children. A majority of the respondents agreed that transracial adoption should occur and that White parents can instill in their Black child a sense of racial identity and culture.

The hypothesis was accepted, there was no statistical difference between the races on transracial adoption and African Self-Consciousness. As a result of the findings, further research should be done on the issue of transracial adoption. Social workers need to know how important it is of white parents, who transracially adopt, to transfer positive African consciousness, racial identity and cultural heritage to their transracially adopted Black children.

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