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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)

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Educational Leadership


The purpose of this study was to examine the perceptions of teacher tenure and the Fair Dismissal Act by selected administrators in Georgia. Variables were measured using a survey instrument improvised from a dissertation by Lawrence Wess. Superintendents and elementary principals in the State of Georgia were selected from a purposely random sampling method to complete a survey regarding their perceptions toward tenure and the Fair Dismissal Act. Forty-one percent (58) of survey respondents were superintendents and 59% (84) were principal respondents.

The responses were analyzed in order to answer the research questions. Nine research questions were reflected and addressed through nine Hypotheses using the Pearson Correlation, ANOVA, and t-test. Some of the study's major findings were:

• There was a significant relationship between administrators perceived value of tenure and their level of difficulties in discipline.

• There were significant differences in principals and superintendents in regards to their experience with dismissal actions and their years of experience.

• Survey responses showed that tenure does not seem to impact teacher's willingness to remain in a district.

• There was no significant difference between male and female principals in their perception of the value of tenure.

The study concluded with several recommendations drawn from the findings.