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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


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The overall objective of this study was to explore the concept of life satisfaction among elderly African American, appraise their social support network, and to explore the relationship between life satisfaction and available social support network. Factors such as family and kin support, socioeconomic status, health and mental health, religion and life satisfaction were considered important in addressing this study. A descriptive research design was used and a study questionnaire was administered to thirty (30) elderly members of a senior citizen center located in Metro Atlanta.

The result of the study revealed that the elderly had a positive self concept, were contented with life in general, felt they had a fulfilling past lives and that the present lives were as interesting as ever. The study also revealed that the elderly had a strong appraisal of their social support network. They were satisfied that their network of support cared about their welfare. They felt they were loved by and involved with family, friends and others. However, the findings did not reveal any correlation between life satisfaction and social support network.

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