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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)

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Educational Leadership

First Advisor

Professor Sidney Rabsatt


This study was designed to aid in determining the curricular direction which will be taken for the program in the preschool educational facility where the study took place.

The target population for participation in this study was Black, four-year-old children who met the preschool facility’s operational definition for being disadvantaged. The study took place over a period of one school year with the primary aim being to determine curriculum components which are effective with the target population. The study utilized an experimental design and implemented an experimental curriculum with 30 children who were participants in the control group. A pre-test, teach, then post-test method was used. At the conclusion of the study, a statistical analysis of the collected data was made by using t-test computations. The findings show that, even though both the experimental group and the control group made significant gains in the areas assessed, the experimental group made gains that were significantly greater than those made by the control group.

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