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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)

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Educational Leadership


This study served to properly illustrate the relationship between teacher perceptions of science instruction in both traditional schools and small learning community-based schools. Further, this study also served to illustrate how these perceptions and ideologies impact student achievement as evidenced on state standardized tests. Using the independent variables of number of years of teaching experience for the teacher, teacher perceptions of science instruction in traditional schools, teacher perceptions of science instruction in small learning communities, and teacher perceptions of correlation between teaching style and student achievement, this study determined the manner of correlation between perception and practice. A mixed method approach was used to collect, review, and analyze data in the form of a survey with a Likert scale and questionnaire component to obtain population data on the teachers and also to determine their perceptions of various factors of science instruction in their particular environments. Findings and conclusions showed that there is still more research to be conducted in the area of science instructional methodology and student achievement, as there are other variables that may have a profound impact on the academic achievement of students in high school science courses.