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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


School of Social Work

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Youseung Kim, Ph.D


This study examined the barriers influencing educational attainment among homeless, African-American males between the ages of 30 to 70 years in Atlanta, Georgia. The ten participants in the study were recruited from public areas. The participants signed a consent form and were informed they could have terminated the interview.

The study identified two barriers that impact levels of educational attainment: (1) family violence, including verbal and emotional abuse and (2) post-traumatic stress caused by the judicial system, specifically stress that results from incarceration and lack of direct support upon release. After the study was conducted, it was found that the baseline attribute was poor father involvement. The study found that 70% of the men interviewed reported that they had little to no father involvement growing up. The men interviewed relate the lack of involvement by their specific father to their lack of educational attainment; but through conducting this study, it was found that poor father involvement may be a contributing factor to the lack of educational attainment among the subjects. The study also exhibits an immediate need for federally-regulated shelters and social rehabilitation programs designed to restore one's ability to become self-sufficient by providing the essentials needed to function on a daily basis.

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