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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)

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Department of Counseling and Human Development


The purpose of this study was to collect data and analyze the cultural diversity behavioral characteristics among freshman engineering students attending a large southeastern urban institute of technology. A secondary purpose was to examine freshman students' behavioral patterns as they are demonstrated in a university setting during cultural, educational, and pre-professional or work related interactions. This study was also designed to contribute to the current knowledge base of relevant data designed to improve the technological institute's level of diversity and increase service to its diverse population. The Survey of Contemporary Cultural Diversity Attitudes was used to determine the behavioral characteristics among freshman engineering students. The subjects in this study consisted of a select group of 213 freshman students enrolled in the institute's Psychology 1010 (freshman orientation) classes. Frequency Analysis in numbers and percentages were used to analyze the data. The results indicated that the survey respondents agreed with cultural diversity in social settings, disagreed with cultural diversity in educational settings and agreed with cultural diversity in the workforce.


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