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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


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Educational Leadership

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Dr. Shelia Gregory

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Dr. Trevor Turner

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Dr. Moses Norman


Satisfaction is the customers' evaluation of a product or service in terns of whether that product or service has met their needs and expectations. Failure to meet needs and expectations is assumed to result in dissatisfaction with the product or service. Evidence also have shown that customer satisfaction and service quality perceptions affect consumer intentions to behave in other positive ways--praising the firm (school), preferring the company (university) over others, increasing their volume of purchases (recommending/encouraging others to attend), or agreeably paying a price premium (Zeithmai & Bitner, 2000). Zeithmal and Bitner, in their research, cited a study that found there to be strong links between service quality and other behavioral intentions of strategic importance to a university such as students saying positive things about the school, planning to contribute money to the class pledge upon graduation and planning to recommend the school to employers as a place from which to recruit. This research examines the gaps of students' perception to their expectations by analyzing the correlations between five dimensions (independent variables), mean gap scores and the overall satisfaction of the students surveyed. Also, the mean gap scores and students' intentions to behave particularly related to the recommendation of the business school to others is also examined. Additionally, the paper discusses how the school's leadership, faculty. and staff can promote and continue to improve quality services to its students and a recommendation for the approach for improvement.

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