Date of Award


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University or Center

Atlanta University (AU)

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Public Administration

First Advisor

Professor James T. Jones


The study is an analysis of the usefulness of Guidelines for the Development of Fair Housing Ordinances and Local Housing Code Programs in the Atlanta Region, Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) staff working papers. The staff papers are evaluated to determine if they are contributing to the implementation of goals of ARC's Regional Housing Plan and to determine if they are influencing housing policy development in the Atlanta Region.

In order to ascertain and evaluate the usefulness of the staff papers, interviews were held with selected public officials on the local, state and regional levels. In addition, individuals who requested the documents from ARC's Housing Division were surveyed. The interviews and the survey findings along with other research on public policy development and implementation were the major sources of information for this study. Also presented is an analysis of the policy implications associated with the policy directions suggested in both staff papers.