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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)

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Political Science


The general thrust of this research was to determine to what degree and how ethnic groups in the United States influence Congressional foreign policy-making process. To do this, the research focused on the African-Americans' influence on Congressional foreign policy initiatives toward

South Africa. Specifically, the research determined, measured, and analyzed the statistical significance between the African-American policy preference and in-puts, and the

Congressional roll-call votes on the Anti-Apartheid legislations of 1985 and 1986.

In summary, this research followed this pattern: (a) We first looked at the group under study by identifying its interests and policy preferences; (b) We described the linkages between the group and the policy makers; (c) We analyzed the decision making process and activities of the group in attempting to affect that process; (d) We described the decision/policy output and compared it to the interests and policy preferences of the African-Americans; {e) We also described and analyzed other factors which might have influenced the policy output; and (f) We concluded that the African-Americans influenced Congressional foreign policy initiatives toward South Africa.


Signature pages are on file with the graduate school. An archival copy of the document is available in the Archives Research Center.