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Atlanta University (AU)

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This thesis primarily intends to design a staff model which will facilitate service delivery within the Bureau of Housing and Physical Development in the City of Atlanta.

An attempt has been made to show how the staff shortage has badly slowed down the pace of service delivery, and the effect of the inadequate service on the community.

The cause of the staff shortage has been identified to stem from the provision in the City amended ordinance of November 3, 1975. The ordinance was enacted through the

recommendation of the Finance Committee of the City of Atlanta to amend Article II, Classification Plan, Section 21-42 of the Code of Ordinances. The provision in the ordinance for sixteen staff positions failed to consider in depth the future needs of the City. Since the Bureau is understaffed, a device to augment the shortage had been employed by using borrowed personnel from the public and private sectors. The largest number of borrowed personnel comes from the Atlanta Housing Authority whose services to the Bureau have become a liability rather than an asset. This makes the burden of the staff shortage heavier on the Bureau than ever. The thesis recommends alternative lines of action to solve the problem.