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The purpose of this study was to examine the historical development of higher education in Kenya, since its independence in 1963, to determine the extent to which the original goals and objectives of the university education in Kenya are being met. To successfully complete this study and make relevant recommendations to the policy makers, the universities' demographics, academic programs, enrollment patterns, faculty and staff were examined. Education is recognized as the essential foundation for modern development. However, education cannot play this role unless its research is relevant to the needs of the country. Kenya's higher education has experienced dramatic changes in growth in the number of universities, massive enrollment of students, and diversification of the financial base for its universities. However, this growth in higher education went beyond the capacities of public universities. The growth in student enrollments opened opportunities for the establishment of private universities. The number of private universities increased from one in 1980 to now 17, with a total enrollment of about 10,000 students. To raise needed revenues for infrastructure and operations higher education institutions often host short courses, seminars, summer programs, and conferences. Businesses, governments, and non-governmental organizations are generally supportive of training schemes in highly regarded institutions. Universities should capitalize on their reputations and offer specializations and diversification of programs to enhance greater opportunities and other regional programs. Improved female participation in educational development and the cultural factor, as well as encouraging democratic processes in governance, would greatly enhance retention of well-qualified academic staff, and focused research activity should form the basis of human resources development.


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