Ngozi Oriaku

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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


School of International Affairs and Development

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In recent years, attempts to find solutions to business and social problems of developing nations have dominated the interest of developmental researchers. This study, in effect, has taken the same approach to finding the problems and solutions to the case of Nigeria Airways Corporation. The study is significant because it analyzed the organizational structure and operation of Nigeria Airways Corporation, with the view of developing a model for implementing TQM. In addition, some specific variables were investigated. The variables were: (1) management commitment, (2) employee involvement in the decision-making process, (3) customer input, (4) continuous improvement, and (5) organizational effectiveness. With the variables of choice, the study was designed and questionnaires were administered to random samples selected from top-level management, middle-level management, lower-level management, and the general public. After collecting the responses, statistical tests such as statistical percentage frequencies, mean analysis, an analysis of variance (ANOVA}, and Scheffe tests which compare the level of significance as specified in the hypotheses, with .05 level of significance were performed. The findings showed statistical differences among the different levels of management, the non-management employees, as well as the general public. The differences were in the organizational structure and operation, decision-making process, and provisions for customer inputs in Nigeria Airways Corporation. The study showed that the adapted model of Total Quality Management is a relevant tool that might remedy the poor performance of the airline. The study recommends the total reorganization of the structure and operation of the airline with a total view of implementing an adapted TQM.


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