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This dissertation entitled “A Spirituality of Integration: A Process for Training Emotionally Intelligent Leaders was intended to gain insight regarding the competencies needed to train leaders in the area of emotional intelligence and their response. This dissertation included the results of surveys, exercises and assessment tools for the purpose of designing a process for emotionally intelligent spiritual T~adership. The study resulted in a process for leadership development that included various theological and practical methods for training emotionally intelligent leadership and integrating the components of emotional intelligence in the local church. It is proposed that the theological and practical applications of the process may be useful in any church or faith community that endeavors to train emotionally intelligent leaders Participants gained significant insight regarding emotional intelligence competencies and its implication for ministry effectiveness. Participants also gained awareness of the importance of leading in an emotionally intelligent manner. Given the lack of empirical data related to emotional intelligence and the faith community, there is tremendous opportunity for further research in this area.

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