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Atlanta University (AU)

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This paper describes the synthesis and characterization of poly[ oxy(2-acetyl-1,4-phenyl ene) oxyterephthal oyl]. In our first attempt to synthesize the polymer, a high temperature polycondensation technique was used. This was done by polyesterification of 2-acetylhydroquinone and terephthaloyl chloride in o-dichlorobenzene. The first polymer was designated OBl-1. In our next attempt to make the polymer, OBl-2, we reacted the 2-acetyl hydroqui none with terephthal oyl chloride using a 50: 50 mixture of pyridine and chloroform as a sol vent. OBl-3 was synthesized using TCE (tetrachloroethane) as a solvent and a catalytic amount of pyridine in the reaction of the 2-acetylhydroquinone and terephthaloyl chloride. Our attempt to melt polymerize terephthalic acid. and 2-acetylhydroquinone di acetate was unsuccessful. These polymers were characterized by 13c NMR, lH NMR, FTIR (IR), polarizing optical microscopy, DSC, solubility, and solution viscometry.

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Chemistry Commons