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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


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Educational Leadership

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Dr. William H.Denton


This study examined the equal opportunity policies utilized by a higher education institution and the effects these policies have on the matriculation patterns and graduation rates of African-American students. The selected policies were: (a) recruitment, (b) admissions, (c) financial aid, and (d) retention. The data were qualitative and included collection of official institutional documents and oral testimonies relating to the subject being investigated. Two research questions were designed to guide the investigation into the link between recruitment, admission, retention, and financial aid policies and enrollment and graduation of African-American students.

The findings revealed there was a minor link between recruitment, admissions, financial aid, and retention policies and the number of African-Americans matriculating and graduating from the Georgia Institute of Technology from 1980-1988. It is hoped the findings and implications of this study will contribute to the literature in the field of higher education administration and related fields of knowledge.

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