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Atlanta University (AU)

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Public Administration


The primary objective and intent of this paper is to explain the problem of continuous high turnover among the employees of the City of Atlanta workforce, and identify the factors and major variables that are responsible for this problematic situation. The City of Atlanta has been burdened with high turnover among its employees in the past several years and that problem has continued to the present time. Findings from this research indicate significantly that employees are not motivated by economic factors alone; other factors, socio-psychological in nature, have much impact on workers' motivational behavior. Research method for this paper consisted of informal interviews (primary data) and exit interviews (secondary data). The main sources of information were documents, records, and materials collected from the Bureau of Personnel and Human Resources, City of Atlanta. Other sources of information included magazines, periodicals, and books. Research findings indicated the following significant factors. 1. A perennial, persistent employee turnover. 2. A very high mark of resignations in good standing. 3. Dissatisfaction with the city employment. Based on the findings of this research, it is conclusive that the city must arrest this problematic situation in order to improve employee performance, productivity, and retention. To achieve this, the city must change some aspects of its personnel policies. Some important recommendations have been made which if implemented, will help to arrest the situation.