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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


School of International Affairs and Development

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Dr. Art Hansen

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Dr. Henry Elonge

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Dr. Kwaku Danso


The study analyzed perceptions and challenges of the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD) as it attempted to achieve its set goals and objectives. A mixed methods approach was used to chronicle the perceptions of a sample of stakeholders towards NEPAD and also the challenges NEPAD faced. A survey and personal interviews were conducted using a sample of stakeholders in Nigeria and the Republic of South Africa. These stakeholders included African civil society, the public and private sectors, academia, government officials, and NEPAD officials. Using the data collected, the researcher found that the participants initially perceived NEPAD with skepticism, which changed as they embraced the NEPAD concept. The researcher also learned that the challenges NEPAD faced included the lack of financial resources and skilled labor, as well as the limited awareness about NEPAD among Africans. The conclusion drawn from the findings was that the sampled stakeholders perceived NEPAD as an African-grown initiative for Africa's socio-economic development and that NEPAD still had a lot of challenges to overcome. The data gathered during this research may be used to increase the awareness about NEPAD and assist NEPAD in resolving the challenges that it continues to face.

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