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It is the desire of many to serve humanity in such a manner that they leave a positive lasting impression that speaks to their relationship with God; A relationship that reflects their obedience to God’s will for their lives. It is believed that God has called the church to reflect God’s spirit. However, it is important to be able to identify who you are and where it is that you desire to go. This Doctor of Ministry project studied three aspects of Gullah religious life: (1) symbols —bjects, behaviors, stories—hat are powerful religious forces in Gullah culture, (2) the religious symbols that help Gullah people interpret the meaning of life and (3) demonstrate how a body of believers used their cultural uniqueness to discover and identify their theology (how they know and understand God in their lives). A historical perspective representing the “church” was presented. Secondly, religious symbols unique to the Gullah culture that helped them to interpret their life meaning were identified, and thirdly, ways the GuIlah culture helped persons to know and understand God in their lives were examined. It is from a process of spiritual formation one makes a lasting contribution that benefits others. The researcher used information gathered from the Gullah culture to help organize a newly formed congregation, The Abundant Life Prayer, Praise and Worship Center, Inc. As a result of this project being done, a Ministry and Administrative Leadership Manual (see Appendix A) was developed. This manual was formulated to train and educate the leadership of this new congregation. It serves as a tool that articulates how ministry is done by the church body. It was the researcher’s goal to develop a manual that helps all understand the ministry role in fulfilling vision.

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