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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)

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Political Science


The prospects of democracy in Africa is the central concern of this study. The factors that contribute to the existence of undemocratic or autocratic governments in most of Africa therefore becomes our major focus for evaluation. An analysis of the pre-colonial, colonial and neocolonial political history of Africa attributes autocracy in Africa to irreconcilable differences between the African traditional institutions and the imposed colonial political and economic systems. This socio-economic and political disharmony orchestrated by the colonial economics of exploitation, set the tone for neo-colonial African States fraught with economic and political instability. Our research strategy involved a qualitative technique of collecting and analyzing a significant body of data relating to the political history of African states. Through an Afrocentric prism, the flaws of the African political and economic systems are traced to underlying deficiencies in the nature of its states. For a second and perhaps authentic emancipation of Africa therefore, the components of the state structure must be realigned giving priority to the values, customs and traditions of African people. This should form the base for a democratic environment that will usher in effectiveness and legitimacy in governance in those states. A Democratization Front comprising Africans in Africa and in the diaspora is advocated to design and monitor the democratization movement in the continent. The Organization of Africa Unity (OAU) should serve as-the supervisory body to the Democratization Front. The philosophy of the Democratization Front would include a Pan-African mobilization against the forces of political economic and social exploitation of the continent.


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