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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


School of Social Work

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Social Work Policy Planning and Administration

First Advisor

Corinne Warrener


This study examines the order in which an individual is born and how, when examining birth order, does the psychological make- of the first, middle and last child born influence how the individual will be later in their life. This study was based on two premises: (1) In social work there is not a need to focus on birth order, classifying it solely as a matter of psychology; (2) When a child is born, they are given an order among their siblings that provides them with a set of experiences, roles, and responsibilities that attribute the child in the given birth order. A systematic review was used to analyze data gathered on the contributions of sibling relationships, and the psychological make-up of the first, middle and last born child, and how each can predict the resilience of the individual.