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Interdenominational Theology Center (ITC)

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The membership of St. Paul AME Church needs an increase in spiritual formation. Christian spiritual formation is the process of being conformed to the image of Christ for the sake of others. Faith practices such as meditation, worship, prayer, solitude, and service aid Christians in collaborating with God's transformative work to develop spiritual formation. The project consisted of a twenty-person group of committed teachers, class leaders and clergy participating in five preparing sessions, taught every other week, then facilitating classes. There were three resources used to evaluate the qualitative effectiveness of the project: 1) a participant observer, 2) a pre-project survey and post-project Survey, and 3) an independent expert.

The sessions included video and audio media, group discussion and interaction, role-play, prayer, devotional periods, and group assignments. There were handouts issued for guidance, clarification, and reference.

The overall hypothesis was by preparing teachers, class leaders, and clergy to instruct faith practices, will result in increased spiritual formation. The overall goal is for the procedure to encourage and allow spiritual formation in their lives, throughout the community life of the church, and in the personal lives of the members. While attaining the goal of increased spiritual formation in the lives of the participants, the scope of this project did not cover the spiritual formation of those outside the participant group.

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