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Interdenominational Theology Center (ITC)

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The context for this project is Mt. Olive Baptist Church located in the suburb of Stockbridge, Georgia. It is a predominately African American, mid-sized (seven hundred plus members) historic church, established in 1870 and boasting over 144 years of history.

The researcher is concerned that Mt. Olive appears to be a church that is preoccupied With financial fears that are preventing it from engaging in Outreach ministry. Furthermore, the researcher contends that by reshaping the attitudes of the members and leadership in Mt. Olive about entrepreneurial ministry, the church will become more willing to use its resources for ministries of outreach.

In this project, the researcher seeks to develop an entrepreneurial ministry model for African American churches. This model can assist African American pastors and congregations in overcoming financial fears preventing African American congregations from engaging in substantial outreach ministries.

Finally, the research process will utilize interviews, surveys and questionnaires to evaluate the effectiveness and test the hypothesis to determine whether the conjecture is true or false.

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