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The ministry-issue that formed the basis of this doctoral project was twofold. Is there an effective and relevant delivery system for Evangelistic training in the Church of God in Christ and, can local Church of God in Christ congregations be impacted and organized by training to become more active in work of Evangelism? In other words how active is the Church of God in Christ in the evangelism enterprise? How are they being trained and can effective training make a difference in an urban and rural church setting in a typical American city of medium size? The assumption is that many Churches of God in Christ congregations are not doing effective Evangelism because the delivery system in the national church structure is ineffective and local Church of God in Christ are stagnant in the pursuits of Evangelism because of a lack of proper training and leadership. This study has examined the Evangelism Department of the Church of God in Christ on all levels: National, Jurisdictional, District, and Local levels to see how evangelism training and implementation is done. The second phase involved working with two churches in the Jackson Metropolitan area one in the city of Jackson and the other in rural Rankin county in Brandon, MS. The work included an evaluation phase, training phase, a second evaluation phase and a plan of implementation for carrying out a modem program of evangelism. This twofold process tested a modern model of evangelism developed by this author with the two churches teaching the model. The final part of the dissertation, the author evaluates the process and outcomes of the project. The evaluation was based on where the congregations were in their understanding and practice of evangelism beforebeing taught. The effect of training and leadership in the area of evangelism and the measurable results that came as a result of their exposure to the model. This project concludes with a theory of evangelism, further recommendations for continued ministry, a model of training for local congregations to evangelize, and further recommend readings. The author believes intentional training and leadership in this area of ministry will produce and increase in awareness and activity in the vital work evangelism in the body of Christ.

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