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The concerned for the Performance of the Head Start Childrenlast September was a success. There are so many warm and wonderfulthings to be build into it.But even in the most optimistic moment, one did not foresee justhow amazingly successful it would be, nor did one anticipate the tremen¬dous overpowering of volunteers all over the country, eager to be helpedand give all their time and their hearts.The head start child Development Program is tailored to the needof the local families. Not all poor children are alike. They differgreatly in their strengths and weaknesses. There is no set pattern totheir behavior.^ In general, they have had neither the experience, themedical care, nor the opportunities of children from better circumstance.As a result many of these children enter school under a distinct handi¬cap. They are so lacking in the most elementary experiences, that often,they cannot get the most out of school. To overcome the handicap whichhamper such children, it is important to learn what each child needs andto devise programs which meet any special needs.